I am so legitimately pissed right now. I just watched the Biggest Loser Finale and this girl comes out, a full grown woman, weighing 105 pounds. ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE POUNDS AND PEOPLE CHEERED! THAT IS NOT OKAY! She is obviously too thin, an unhealthy weight, and PEOPLE ARE CHEERING FOR HER! It makes me so sick to my stomach that this kind of thing is okay in our society because it really isn’t. Maybe she did it to win, maybe she is anorexic, maybe she has body dysmorphic disorder, who knows? But there is obvious that it is not okay to be a full grown adult, a mother, and be just a little over a hundred pounds and yet people cheer for her! Her family beaming with pride and clapping and bouncing in their seats! THAT IS NOT OKAY AND IT MAKES ME SICK THAT SOCIETY MAKES US THINK IT IS! IT IS NOT OKAY! And before any of you say I am skinny shaming — there is a DISTINCT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SKINNY AND UNHEALTHY!

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