Did anyone else have this reaction to the mid-season Teen Wolf Trailer? No? Just me?

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If i look back I´m l o s t


Chara grinned at how much of a gentleman he was to her. Pulling out her chair was something that she didn’t expect, which caused her cheeks to redden as she sunk down into her spot. His question caused her to arch her eyebrow as she looked to him. “I thought that it was chicken alfredo that I said to try?” She questioned, now confused. She really didn’t remember what she said to him, which caused her to get angry at herself. “The rigatoni with cheese and Italian sausage is good though if you’d rather try that.” She replied, smiling softly at him. She could tell he was embarrassed, which caused her to want to try and make him as comfortable as possible.

"That was it!" chimed Dylan as he his eyes went wide and lit up with recognition. "I guess my memory still isn’t the best. I will try the rigatoni the next time I come here." he added, giving a smile and a nod as he picked up the menu and scanned over the items that were on it. Looking back up at Chara he gave a smile. "Are you going to get the same, or are you going to try the rigatoni?" he asked, a hint of curiosity in his tone.

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Christina Perri

At The Granada

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More beautiful; everyday!

//I have a surprise for you! It'll be a bit before I can show you but I thought I'd let you know :)

"Ooo! Does it involve me?"


Kit Harington

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