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Text; Sheridan


Sheridan was concerned until she heard that she had nothing to fear that she had unknowingly and unmeaningly upset Slade. “It’s not that I hate it because I do like it. I just don’t like how some things are not… accurate. Like people that I’ve told said ‘but you don’t sparkle’; do you have any idea how annoyed that makes me?” She questioned, frowning some at the thought. “What did you picture?” She asked after she heard his explanation for the chuckle, causing her to stop pouting and smile as well. “I’m glad that you understand though. Not many would..” She said, before going pale slightly. She started to feel sick, and didn’t want to have to bolt to the nearest trashcan. It would embarrass her, so instead of doing any more talking she placed her head in her hands and focused on breathing; something that actually helped it pass.

"I saw people’s faces on Rhino’s bodies just running around yelling about Twilight." laughed Slade as he shook his head. It really was an odd vision to have; perhaps he was hanging around Ned too much. Noticing that Sheridan was pale, Slade ran and grabbed a bucket from under the kitchen sink. Running back in he handed the pail over to the brunette as he bent in front of her, looking at her through worried eyes. "Are you okay?" he questioned, looking her over to make sure that she was okay. He figured it was sickness from the baby, but he would rather be safe than sorry.

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"Hey now, don’t look at me in that tone of voice. I made two cakes. One is carrot cake and the other isn’t."

     ”What flavor is the other cake?”

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"ATL bound" #happymistakestour starts tomorrow.. #heffrondrive #kendallschmidt RT and ❤️

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Kendall Schmidt

then vs. now

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15/100 pictures of Kendall Schmidt
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'I'm gonna love ya until you hate me'